Who is this man?

Is it Charlie Chaplin? Is it Wade Warfield? Is it Blanche Warfield?

Blanche Warfield posing as her husband. Or is it Charlie Chaplin?
If this is Wade Warfield, where's the moustache?

Why would it be Blanche?

Well let's investigate. Of course, it would help if you actually knew who Wade Warfield was.

Suffice it to say, he's one of the main reasons there is a Sykesville, but if you want some actual details, you can find out all about Wade and Blanche by visiting "The Rise and Fall of Wade Warfield" on Sykesville Online.

But back to the picture. We have a Warfield family photo album and this picture is in it.

We assumed it was Wade, but later realized that, for one thing, Wade always has a mustache. I'm pretty sure he was born with one. For another, this fellow looks just like his first wife, Blanche. Not only that, but we found three more pictures of someone who looks suspiciously like Wade Warfield's wife dressed as a man, and in one of them, she's even wearing a fake mustache.

Stop in, and we'll show you.

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