Every Picture


Elsie Jones


Main Street during Depression

A Millions Words

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. 


Or so they say. If that's the case, then we must have millions of words.

We have pictures of Sykesville on old postcards. We have slides and tintypes (well at least two) and all kinds of pictures from Springfield Hospital.

We've got the train station long ago in all its decaying beauty.


We've got thousands of Springfield nurses, and if you get tired of nurses, we've got lobotomy tools and all kinds of other strange paraphernalia. (But only pictures.)

We've got an entire Warfield family photo album. We've got pictures of the boys from the Strawbridge Home and countless graduates of Sykesville High School.

We've got pictures of fires and faces and people wearing the strange outfits of long ago.


We've got pictures of people we know and people we don't, but included anyway, because we like them for one reason or another.

And we've got many, many pictures of Sykesville's famous Jones Sisters, well not really of them, but by them.


You can't see all our pictures here, but you can see some, and slowly we'll make them all available in one way or another for viewing at the museum.

Meanwhile, have a look.