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This is where they entered. The man who operated the gates lived in the house on the right.

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In the distance, way up the dirt road, is Springfield Hospital, but once, all the land, acres and acres, was owned by a wealthy man named George Patterson, who also owned fancy Devon cattle imported from Europe, and people, whose ancestors came from Africa.

In 1803, his sister Betsy was famous around the world for marrying Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon.


After George died, his family sold the land to Frank Brown, the only person from Carroll County ever elected governor of Maryland, and Brown sold the land to the state to build the Second Maryland Hospital for the Insane in 1896.

At the edge of all this was the town of Sykesville, and the house where the gatekeeper lived is now Sykesville's Gate House Museum.

You are there.

The Town of Sykesville -- Founded in 1904


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