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Springfield Hospital Tours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of admission?

Admission to the Gate House Museum and our tours of Springfield Hospital are free. Donations are accepted and appreciated through our website (see bottom of page) and on-site.

How long is the tour?

Full tours last about an hour and fifteen minutes and mini tours are approximately 45 minutes. Special topics tour lengths may vary.


What parts of the hospital are on the tour?

Except under special circumstance, tours are of the exterior of the buildings only. At this time, all of our walking tours cover the Warfield Complex of the hospital (former Women's Unit) as well as the service buildings at the intersection of Warfield Avenue and Buttercup Road. 

Are your tours of Springfield Hospital accessible?

Accommodations can be made to shorten the distance of tours to .4 of a mile. Routes are slightly sloped and grounds are paved in brick in the centers of quads. While no stairs are required in our modified tour, individuals with mobility concerns should call to discuss further accommodation. 

Are your tours of Springfield Hospital suitable for children?

Due to ongoing renovation and construction on this site, in an abundance of caution, small children are discouraged from attending tours at this time.

The general content of the tour discusses the sensitive topic of mental healthcare history. While images and content shared are generally acceptable for all audiences, visitor questions may cover topics that are challenging for young audiences.  

Can I take pictures and videos?

Photos and videography are permitted for personal use. All images must be taken from within the boundaries of the tour area during the hours of the tour and from the exterior of all structures.

Where can I find out more about what's being built at Warfield?

The Warfield Complex is privately owned by developers whose progress and plans for the property can be viewed  on their website found here:

What is the difference between a Mini Tour and a Full Tour?

Mini Tours are given from the public access areas along Warfield Avenue near Carrie Dorsey Park and at the edge of Buttercup Lane. They do not enter the complex grounds or go between any of the buildings. The scope of these tours focuses more on the history of the area from the Patterson Family (c. 1803) through the construction of MD Route 32 (1964) as a general history. These tours are about 45 minutes in length.

Full Tours focus more specifically on hospital history and the development of the complex itself over time. Full tours go between buildings and allow for a closer inspection of the spaces in which patients lived at the Hospital's Warfield Complex and focus less on the surrounding area history. These tours are about an hour and fifteen minutes in length.

At this time, none of our tours include interiors of the buildings in the complex.


Where can I find current dates for tours?

Tour offerings, as well as other museum events, are posted to our Facebook events page found here: 

Contact us for a private tour!
The Gate House offers regular tours in the spring and fall, but also has limited availability to host private groups on tours of the grounds. 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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